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Neon Shadows

By TheBroddha

208 0 0 870

The world is a shell of its former glory and splendor. Much has happened since the vanity of humanity became too much to carry any longer, bringing them and their nations to their knees. As the fractured peoples still vie for their piece of power, many creatures...

Shadowrun 5 : Rågnårøk

By LokiOdinson

749 0 0 7350

Une campagne écrite par moi-même que je fais subir à mes joueurs. Une ancienne menace qui a déjà fait tremblé le monde va essayer de faire pire cette fois-ci. Et quand on sait qu'ils veulent juste éradiquer l'humanité, il y a de quoi s'inquiéter. Heureusement,...

Nina's Story

By AcrisDea

916 0 0 23173

A young woman seeks her identity as she struggles with the world she grew up in. Bonding with a kindred spirit, the pair enter a world of danger, intrigue, and murder. Surrounded by the worst of society and those left behind by it, they work in the shadows...

Alley Cats: Short Fiction

By spacetrash

4130 0 0 0

Short fiction from the cyberpunk world. ---[br] Cover photo: Ming Chen ([u][url:]original photo on[/url][/u])

Welcome to Hazard City

By ezeigler22

1348 4 0 3127

After a lifetime of going from one war to another Dylan Price wanted one day where he can drink in peace, but when a former hooker is killed while under his protection he wants to know why.

Bride Price

By J. I. Rogers

1243 0 0 0

"After a lifetime of hard work, Harlo-Fyre has become the preeminent power in Thallen Cluster. Now, William Harlo Sr. is determined to secure his progeny's place among the Ranking families of Korlune, no matter what cost." First Published in Tamyrh Quarterly,...

Montral: The Isolation

By Rahjar

845 0 0 864

In maybe 200 years, some event will happen, that will block Montréal island from its suburbs, and start... The Isolation. Over those 200 years, Montréal, will become Montral. In Montral, many stories will be told. "I am Anarchyos Trudel, I am what the New...

The Silicon Dragon

By Mandalorian BBQ

1049 0 0 113

In the near future Earth is locked in a war with its colonies in the solar system. A Martian Secret Agent is in deep cover on Earth infiltrating its transportation sector when a biological weapon is released in New Brazil. The newsfeeds say it was the Colonies,...

Occult: Asoma Station

By JLFirestone

1072 0 0 565

Scientist are hit with a massive snow storm unlike they've ever seen before. During the after math a Synthia Melvon is unfortunate enough to find the rest of their crew deceased. Even worst communications are down and she has no idea when another food package...

Stories around the City

By xeppy

801 0 0 2334

<span style="font-size:38px">This is a City of Dreams for Some</span> <span style="font-size:26px">A City of Nightmare for others</span>

Fatebreak: Renegades

By MajorMagz

890 0 0 0

Follows the story of two adoptive brothers Aesop and Ferro Fatebreaker on their journey to become Draconic Knights, legendary protectors of balance in their world.

Atlantis is Rising

By Agyess

329 0 0 149

Alex West is a nice young man, suddenly given power and abilities unbelievable to him only a few weeks earlier. After convincing AIs hiding in the internet of his worthiness, they name him King of Atlantis and gift him all of the wealth and power that goes...

The Diary of Jiang Ye


929 0 0 8643

The law will condemn those who knew, but refused to act.


By Crisjola

604 0 0 31

Ever since humanity left their nomadic lifestyle in space they have been trying to replicate the very thing that forced the migration of the dominate species on Earth to leave their home. Working for a PMC isn't easy. Working undercover for a rebellion branded...