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Dimension 9

By Annika Christiani

930 0 0 3164

Magna is was only 11 when her world ended. One moment she was celebrating Great Grandma's birthday with her family and then she was alone. Scared, alone, and helpless in a new horrific world. A world where the air itself may betray you and few survive. She...


By MeliaHernan

138 0 0 2081

The pandemic of 2020 was just the beginning. When people start dying in mysterious ways, society blames the Draiodh, a growing group of magic practicing women. As hysteria grows, the Draiodh go into hiding, practicing privately while living among the survivors....

Chip & Luther

By Bees?

1118 0 0 430

A group of ecoterrorists devoted to the ideal that we are all equal in death summoned The God of Judgement to destroy the world. Judgement Day kills billions of people, leaving only a few million the world over. Because of this, the world leaders came together...

Night Watch - Die Vampirjäger

By Aravae03

505 0 0 0

Joanne ist halb Mensch, halb Vampir und lebt in einer Welt, die von Vampiren beherrscht wird. Sie kämpft auf der Seite der Menschen in einer Organisation die sich Night Watch nennt. Nach einer missglückten Mission hat sie sich vom aktiven Dienst zurückgezogen....