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Tribute to The Void Between

By thechangeling

358 0 0 466

A short story set in the world of the [url:]Void Between[/url], as a gift for my friend [url:]Dylon[/url]! It follows Heracles, a young student, who goes to attend...

The Philosopher's Stone

By eharville24

18005 6 4 69779

This is a fanfiction in which I rewrite the Harry Potter series. Some of the changes include: raising the audience level to young adult, changing the setting to the late 19th century, and making the world actually make sense with more inclusivity and diversity....

Nakamura's Dream

By shyredfox

2235 0 0 206

[row][col] Nakamura says it was a dream, so people don't freak out about a spirit haunting her. But Tsuchimikado Yukitada has visited her on more than one occasion to warn or give a clue about an upcoming event. True to his former living self, he uses few...

Lilly's Story

By Lilly Snow

1499 0 0 0

The simple tale of one woman's journey through a century of political and personal upheaval. Lilly was born into a peaceful life. However, her fate is taken entirely out of her hands when she is unceremoniously claimed as the daughter of a strange and frightening...

The Storm Winds of Glazglubin

By IsaNite

4815 2 0 26658

"My father once told me: 'There is a monster in every man, boy. Within me, there is a host, and one day it'll be yours to command.' The thing is, he still believes it. When Maya and I fled the Old Country and joined the Keepers of the Middle Lands, we left...

The Old Tales

By Alestrenia

540 0 0 0

Tales from the founding and original saving of the world Middengard

The Malkoth's Awakening

By Vaerish

1405 0 0 1

A world settled by humans from the stars fleeing from as the old records say a great darkness crash landed in a world of oceans. They built floating cities still inhabited by the humans today. As the oceans levels slowly fall more mountains are uncovered below....

Rune Engineer

By Jakman217

1307 0 0 8331

As a new Cataclysm breaks against the City of Einfaust, two young women find themselves thrust into adulthood. One, wishes to follow in her Mother's footsteps, and become a Rune Engineer. The other, find the Crown she wanted landing on her brow. While they...

Terra Tales: Claws from Below

By Shadowrodney

129 0 0 858

Follow FBI agents Johnny Smith & Stella Jorgensen as they investigate a town gone missing and discover the hidden world that lies underneath our very feet.


By shyredfox

8251 0 0 4923

[row][col] [center][h1]Summary[/h1][/center] On Coming of Age Day, Ohno Yasu saves the daughter of a rich business owner from falling and ruining her beautiful kimono. He tries to put her out of his mind. Little does he know their fates are intertwined. This...

Nights Above

By Peanutmojo

934 0 0 48

City of Sins, Fortress Thundercleft, Belly of the Dragon. All three adventures can be ran separately with each individual plot points to link all events together. Each adventure advances in terms of phases and stages, at which story and NPC interactions/existence...


By MindaStardust

488 0 0 1599

The tale about how Mandy Seastar, a young girl from Fort Pinta, became a famous actress in Jorvik City.

The Jinn from Another World

By jdtcreates

1905 0 0 3035

So this was a one-shot made in 2013 for writing critique. I was barely worldbuilding at the time so technically this verison of the characters and the facts littered here are no longer accurate (or "non-canon") to how they are now but that's how it used to...

The Black

By [email protected]

1149 0 0 0

Five years ago, when the anomaly arrived, it wiped out eight thousand square kilometers of Toronto, taking with it over seven million souls. It remains now as a looming, impervious black dome. Dave Thompson, a hard rock miner, was hired as the lead engineer...


By ArgoForg

2057 0 0 222420

The Storyline from the Canon Vigil RPG Sessions

Poetry! (Mythic Verse, Vol. 2)

By gfishbone

1419 0 0 1423

Short takes and one-off poems on mythological topics. Some may be based on puns. Some may be based on modern pop culture. Some may reference current events.

The Road to New Echota

By Kanati

863 0 0 10259

Historical fiction set in the years leading up to the Anglo Cherokee War on the southwestern frontiers of the Britain’s Atlantic colonies. The spiritual and social trajectory of Yona-usdi’s life-path is forever changed when a vicious and disfiguring disease...

Ash and Frost

By venomizard

1171 0 0 0

Environmental disasters have wrecked the world, leaving only 17% of the population alive in habitable zones in three places across the world. A team of researchers and soldiers have been tasked with trekking through the frozen and ashy wastes of North America...

An Unsolvable Problem

By WantedHero

1670 0 0 6088

Where did Dax...the 3' 10", half-naked, cigar-smoking, green-skinned, heavy-drinking, foul-tempered creature come from? You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But I'll tell you anyway...

The Lies They Tell

By shadowsadvancing

1584 0 0 2953

33 years ago, Queen Regina and Lord Caesar were found dead in their seaside home. 30 years ago, their four daughters divided Cardonia into four separate queendoms for each to rule. 28 years ago, war broke out between them, fighting to take back the whole country. 27...

HD Book 1 - Hidden Secrets

By amelianite

2274 0 0 0

Calsifer, or Cal Winterborne is the younger half-brother of the late Loke Dracos, the proud genius who brought hope to everyone he meets. Cal focuses mostly on his studies and ignoring his late brother’s best friend, Aiden. Aiden Shadowlock gets by on the...

Project 1

By Bassalissk

1384 0 0 0

this is the first story in the into the Aether series. it is about a group of people who are persuaded to leave their homes and undergo a series of tests to see if they have got what it takes to join Clan Dohnna. A secretive group of hermits who's territory...


By MerryMagpie92

624 0 0 0

The tale of Opal helping a traumatized new friend recover from a harrowing stint in The Academy learning to live her life.

Angelic Timeline 4.0

By kijilinn

498 0 0 3856

The current timeline for Unfree World. Major Spoilers: do not read unless you're helping with beta reading and editing.

The Void: Book one of the Shard of Oblivion chronicles

By DoctorEnigmaROC

204 0 0 147

Beyond what most people call existence lies a hidden treasure. No one will ever find it, yet what happens here affects all the realms. It is called the void, mostly because it sits where nothing should. But how can something exist where nothing does? And how...

Fallout LA

By Innokha

2408 1 0 14800

Fallout LA (or FOLA) is text-based roleplay in an original section of the Fallout Universe. This is the archive log of this active and ongoing RP. Innokha is the author of Cricket; a spitfire wasteland raider chick with little to live for. While Rust, a mysteriously...


By Lorekeeper of Miduer

514 0 0 1131

Riley is a pilot aboard the mining ship, the U.S.S. Mortem. On its maiden voyage, things go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Pipes of flammable materials are leaking, the airlocks are broken, and half the ship has no oxygen. To top it all off, something...

Fujimori and the Fox - Shrines of the Nonogawa Valley Myth

By shyredfox

2189 1 0 285

What would you say if your local shrine was always pristine, yet nobody claimed to be the caretaker?  In [url=|tab]Nonogawa[/url], [url=]Inari[/url]...

World War III

By BigMinionD

0 0 653

David lived a normal life. Or at least, as normal a life you can have in a world war. But when shadow creatures threaten David's life and friends, he has to leave the safety of his home and join the ongoing war...and discover the key to winning the war.

Human Myth: Vol 1

By arlj11

4150 3 0 7806

What if there was a world where the monsters of myth and legend were real and humans were a myth? That is the world John finds himself in. Not only is he the only human in this world, he seems to also be the mysterious being know as The Traveler. Now he...

Moordreich, A Brief History

By Curious_G3org38

361 0 0 0

Discover the history of our beautiful world.

Into the Lion's Den

By Kanati

828 0 0 25065

Prior to 1760 the term Americans, referred exclusively to the indigenous peoples of the new world. The rebranding of England’s rebellious colonists as Americans was not the first act of cultural appropriation, nor the last, but it might be the most shameful....

Protectors of Caelderan

By Posledny Centurion

1136 0 0 3057

No one truly remembers, when it all started, yet it changed our world to this day. The Great Conflict, beginning of the end. I speak to you as one of the last survivors of my kind. There was a time, ages ago when we, Faeldors, were one of the most enlightment...


By ForsakenCustodian

5139 0 0 14391

[b][ON HOLD][/b] An ex-rally driver wakes up young again, to relive past events in an unfamiliar world which forces him to rediscover important lessons he's forgotten in his old life. [p]Character art drawn by Megamint07[/p]

Tales From The Roadkill Tavern: Mind's Eye

By WantedHero

15760 18 0 2441

What do the greatest bards of the world do when they get together? They challenge one another's sanity, of course. Mind's Eye is a challenge of storytelling wit. Can you solve the mystery behind each tale? Find out.

Adventures of Cassius and Mayhem

By 404UserNotFound

920 0 0 0

Khal, a planet made for, and named after, the Goddess of Destruction Khaylas by her twin brother Mahiem the God of Creation, was never meant to survive for as long as it has. And now after millennia of Khaylas' constant attention, bringing Khal to the brink...


By trellowave

148 0 0 1

A warrior, who has become aimless. An enchantress-in-training, who has run away. It's a magical realism story about change versus tradition. It kicks off in a scorched forest with a death in the family. (Note that: someone in the story has to atone for a...

The Sorcerer of the South

By sforrest2309

13 0 0 445

After the End of Days, magic tore down mankind's society. And from its ashes, a new civilization came forth... Benin Rye had hoped to one day leave his small town in the Outback. So when he manifested the ability to perform sorcery, he worked hard to make...

Kings of The Abyss

By Hiccup Haddock the Third

692 0 0 0

His father killed his girlfriend. Now to save her soul he's reuniting with his most powerful allies and facing down his most dangerous enemies.

Dagger Tales Book 4

By lartra

1308 0 0 7958

Ticca, Lebuin, and their team are approached by an old woman who hires them to help save her grandchild. When the team begins to investigate they find the old village to be part of a neighboring kingdom and ally to Aelargo. They are unprepared for what follows...

The Savior's Sister - Book 2 of The Savior's Series [TEASER]

By jennamoreci

6583 8 0 17833

In the thrilling companion to one of Book Depository’s Best Books of All Time, experience the peril and heart-stopping romance through Leila’s fresh perspective. Leila Tūs Salvatíraas, Savior of Thessen and magical Queen of Her realm, is worshiped by all. Except...

I'neälé's Journal

By NillaWafer

1187 0 0 1807

Oops. This dingy author in checking her published page layouts wasn't aware manuscripts are visible on a list page, some pages have been unpublished. So note, this a draft in progress. To be completed soon, if your reading this bit. Drop back then. This is...

Stories from before the Sangwheel Chronicles

By MarieMullany

702 3 1 1456

Short stories, character backgrounds and prequels to the main novels of the Sangwheel Chronicles.

The Name of the Manuscript

By AutomaticFroyo

177 0 0 433

Corliss Alder, a disgraced captain of the Army of Miracles, spends his time on Perisle working whatever jobs may come his way. He sets out on what seems to be a normal job, but soon finds himself back in Costa Mirac in a whole heap of trouble.

The sword of Destruction

By Kurtz3000

12 0 0 130

A world that saw a Great War 4000 years in the past is still effecting the present. A warrior emerges from the ashes of destruction to fight an old threat from the distant past. With sword and dragon companion picked during the journey Shallno seeks to...

The Malachite Record (NSFW)

By Dylonishere123

2923 5 0 23372

WARNING! This is an erotic novel. Do not read it if that bothers you.

E'er'all PRPG

By Shaudawn

4066 5 1 15824

It took a pandemic to make us realize that we craved more control over our world. It took an internet connection, a dreary winter, and a cleverly placed advertisement on the hottest game content delivery service to entice a million people across the world...

The Band of Light

By Bunny Rose

1426 0 0 0

The saga of the Band of Light from its formation to their ultimate confrontation of Morea Sundeath.

Deus Irae: Falling Night

By greentop

1532 0 0 9891

The country of Laidros is reaching a breaking point. The crown is in deadlock with the church, creating an ever-widening divide. The people, or at least the grand majority, side with the king. Those numbers might not mean everything when matched against the...

Intergalactic Outlaws

By TimeBender

4236 0 0 0

An abused orphan named Hurance wants a family. He’s had a small taste of family when he was younger with his best friend, Timothy Time, before Timothy went missing. Hurance’s quest for family is fraught with danger after he decides to adopt a group of outlaws...

The Cradle

By nightmareblue27

174 0 0 12228

A tale of space that will take you on an epic adventure, in the pursuit of Humans species survival and hopes that it will thrive again. What will you face to ensure it, let alone what will you do to make it happen.

Finding the Source

By George Sanders

667 0 0 6065

Signal had been under the watchful eye of her older sister or in hiding since she could remember. She did not talk about what she could see or get involved. When she did, it always lead to trouble. Her sister had set rules to fix that. She followed those rules...

These Days: Dazani

By lengna

2758 1 0 4946

Dazani thought her biggest worry was whether she made her teacher upset, unfortunately she couldn't be more wrong as she gets caught up in the interplanetary politics of Jaumun and Vondren. While acting as a translator between her mother's people and the Vondren...

Koprulu Sector and the Mercenary Guild

By Tamarind

46 0 0 2888

Beginning in the TarKossia system the Deployed have begun developing a permanent foothold outside their native systems. The first example of cooperation between all different factions of Homeworld, TarKossia is the core of many of the happenings of the Koprulu...

Rise: The Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

By shyredfox

6138 11 0 8909

(Sample) [h3]A myth come to life may be worth far more than his freedom.[/h3] An ex-mobster must choose between breaking a promise to his parole officer, which will send him back to the slammer, or angering a powerful supernatural being. He's caught in an...


By BlueSaffron

1108 0 0 1

She dedicated her life to starting a new civilization, but what to do when the train stops coming?

The Uncrowned (Kingcraft #1)

By LauraVAB

894 0 0 0

Rae is studying magic in a foreign land when her cousin Jack goes missing. Jack's heir to the throne, so that's a concern. About the same time she meets a trio of caravan guards, a giant of a man and twin brothers identical to their matching facial scars....

The Curator and the Meteorite

By millerclashbrook

286 0 0 1183

When the touch of an object is all it takes for Steven to see a memory, the lines between past, present, and future tend to blur. When his mother goes missing can he use his ability and his experience in organized crime to find her, or will she be just another...

The way of your World

By fenixofthedark

0 0 1806

After Prowl goes missing -spirited away into Decepticon space- a past starts to emerge. One that has been long forgotten and buried, holding secrets from not only the Great Wars, but from an Age when the Rule of Four was in its twilight hours. It's a past...

Return of the Revolutionary

By Sterrestel

22672 0 0 49355

[h1] First Draft!![/h1] [p]Nephalems; creatures that are half-angel, half-demon, and potentially the most dangerous creatures in the universe. Unfortunately for Max, she is one of them. From a past of torture and pain, she must fight for her right to live...

The Crimson Foxes: Foxes' Prey

By mastergentleman

1382 0 0 0

Vincent Galvan has prospered for years as a wayfinder, guiding travelers across all of Seliador and surviving countless adventures and ordeals. Yet when two travelers from the Vaether Republic contract his skills, he finds himself in the midst of a perilous...


By Shaudawn

3386 3 0 6172

The ink has only just dried on the Treaty of Surrender. The last of the rescue ships flying over Serenity Valley have finally stopped trying to distinguish between them that need rescue, and them that need burial. And it will be some time before a young...

Eye of Eden

By moonflower-writing

82 0 0 143

[p] Eden III is one of the last fortresses of Humanity. It has been fifty long years since the last attack of the Empty, and humankind is becoming used to living in the confines of the giant dome of the Barrier. But, an Empty has been spotted for the first...

Seven Devils: Book One

By JBWeller

6746 3 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

Planetary Heist

By lukaluke

94 0 0 1436

Serfarus Gray, famous criminal mastermind , is now a hunted man as heist after heist goes down, netting millions in profits. Will he escape capture or will his foes have their vitory?

An Example Manuscript

By adampd

178 0 0 649

The description is one of your book's most powerful promotional tool. Think of it as the blurb on the back of a cover: it should be interesting and accurately describe your book. The description is one of your book's most powerful promotional tool. Think of...


By KajetanWrites

419 0 0 0

Here I will put parts of my other texts to get feedback from people


By Ariel Purkeypile

843 0 0 47495

There are some truths so awful no one wants to tell them, but when Deputy uses the bleeding-edge technology found only at FacilityName to push the boundaries between memory, dreams, and experience in a bid to understand the hidden trauma shared by those she...

Nanowrimo #1

By CorsairAquilus

164 0 0 0

The year is 466 TE. The crew of the penteconter Phoenix, led by their captain Brysos of Avadia, return to the city of Port Avadia after a successful journey to the colonies of the Southwest, seeking to take on new contracts and passengers. Little does Brysos...

War Till Ragnarok

By Erinys H

7257 0 0 15775

Lagetha Javya is a mercenary, wandering the war zone between the countries of Khuvell and Vredrana, and she prefers to work alone. That is until the charismatic Ragnar Morgenstern bests her in a duel and forces her to join his mercenary troupe, the Ebony Riders....

Melody Moss and the Pale Crow

By paintedcrow

642 0 0 24495

A middle-grade novel about a witch girl who risks her life every night to destroy the spirits that threaten her town. One night she decides to spare one.


By ynix

1655 2 0 1341

After pollution has reached toxic levels and the world's only nuclear reactor left melted down, society is on the brink. Governments try to provide survivors with supplies, but often cannot - people are dying too quickly. Then the new technology arrives....

The Tale of Enariel

By FuchsFarbe

2917 0 0 875

Enariel is is about to usher in a new Era for the Gētīg. This Fomorian farmboy lives on a lowly farm outside of the Fomorian capital of Danu-Mor. Their life quickly changed one fateful day venturing into a nearby cave. The spirits of the cave had become corrupted,...

The Symphony of the Sun: Mosaic in the Fray

By luckyl13

582 0 0 114989

When the world seems to fall apart, there is always one lynchpin that holds steady. It might be twisting, might be bending, but that is only to adjust the weight of the load it carries as it never is removed nor does it break. For Jean Redding, the lynchpin...

The Secret Story

By A.J.Ponder

747 0 0 31164

A horde of rats A coven of witches desperate to stay hidden A ball to die for, and a ball that must remain secret at any cost As a smithy’s daughter, Amarinda can only dream of going to the ball. She loves the fine gowns and imagines the feisty Princess Sylvalla...

The King's Guard

By Phantascene

660 0 0 3315

Cyneweard had sworn fealty to the king of the known world. They had served with honor in the wars that had at long last united the world. As captain of the king's guard they are among the loyal few to sail with their king on a mission to find and rescue the...


By Alassirana

142 0 0 12989

first 'in process' to be worked on this way.

Butterscotch's Hydroarcanic Handbook

By Xenophes

19 0 0 2331

Thornelius Butterscotch, a crazed defect from the Gob kingdom, has written a nifty handbook detailing all the various aspects and intricacies of hydroarcanic power: A unique form of energy coveted by the Gob, capable of creating amazing wonders never before...

Portal Report, Vol. One

By greenpen07

232 0 0 0

Thanks to a religious fanatic incorrectly opening a portal and summoning "avenging angels", Anastasius Propser and his half-brother Harry "Ax" Ackers are among ten thousand beings pulled from their worlds and dimensions, and trapped on a planet they never...

Human Myth: Vol 5

By arlj11

402 0 0 0

John has found Papi's flock. Can he help them to ensure she is safe? But is he also ready to say goodbye to her?

Stolen Life

By PatheticBarrel

1133 0 0 1024

With a single job, a street thief finds himself drowning in a web of state conspiracies against his own people. Desperate to find a way out, he turns to a secretive brotherhood of traditionalists. They may not have his best interests at heart, but striking...

Raven and Kestrel

By baph-omet

1295 0 0 0

Chamomile Mesmera has left her home seeking the power to bring back her long-dead beloved, but must defeat her greatest challenge yet: capitalism. Fortunately, strange happenings are never far away, and a distraction of the occult nature may be exactly what...

The Warmage

By Windblossom

558 0 0 2964

Politics and Gods clash in a world where magic is given to those who swear their lives to serve the diety whose power they seek. But where great power is available to all, the Gods have begun to die and new alliances are formed to salvage what power they can....

The Princess and the Thief

By kagesenpai

252 0 0 1

In the aftermath of the Thousand Year War, the Holy Kingdom of Roland and the Si'vali Free States have found an uneasy peace after centuries of bitter and stalemated bloodshed. In the three decades that followed, a new generation would be born, the first in...

The Allure of Magic

By RaiganAvalon

606 0 0 486

The story of Rychara’s sending away to a convent and her subsequent journey of self-discovery. Will start during A Chance Encounter as she learns that she is to be sent to a convent. Will end with her being taken under the wing of the vampire queen on the...

Messenger Girl

By Phoenix E.

474 0 0 2659

Elaina is a messenger girl in the king's army. Just as she's resigning, though, he has a mysterious task for her: deliver a letter to an unknown person. Elaina sets off with her best friend Dylan, and Jeila, one of the king's most elite guards, as she tries...

Verdraxis Chronicles: Adventures of Kalendale

By Chaosdraco

1174 0 0 4329

As a young boy, Kalendale Evenwood knew he was meant for greater things than tending to his father's flock. after his fateful meeting with a master wizard, Kalendale sets out to become one of the most powerful wizards on the face of Verdraxis. His journey...

Ghenid Clans of Incaras

By Mutterwolf

3505 0 0 12465

The stories of players for and against a scheme of conquest and destruction amongst the monster race of viverid-canine like Ghenid clans and others in the City of Mercenaries, Incaras. Please "like" if you enjoy it.

Wakey's story

By Pouaseuille

775 3 0 1760

My name is Wakey. One day, I just appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of a library. Since then, I'm trying to figure out what exactly happened to me.

Libro Mater

By Mythcaller

246 0 0 9

The Libro Mater, or Book of the Mother is an ancient scriptural text handed down it was said to the Mordinians by Moira herself.


By kijilinn

1073 0 0 14198

All of the Lockards have something to say, no matter how long ago they lived or died. Here are some of their stories.

T'au Encroachment I (Imperial POV)

By Lecos

146 0 0 0

A decorated general, in charge of the planet's PDF and military intelligence, is faced with a demanding sub-sector governor and a local rebellion. Now he also has to face a growing T'au encroachment within the rebellion.

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 3 - Dawn of Destruction

By JHarris15

31201 11 0 70415

The Third Part of The Oblivion Series. The dead are speaking, after the events of the attack on Wolfrick manor, the group must deal with the aftermath of the attack, both mental and physical. As magic starts to creep back into the world for both good and...

Role-Player's Guide To Medieval Armour

By DMStretch

649 0 0 4847

Written from a role-player's perspective, as I am no expert in medieval armour, the intention of this work is to dispell some of the tropes surrounding armour in a fantasy setting.

The Hargus Hurryhouse Adventures

By KahunaTheElder

836 0 0 19973

Who is Hargus Hurryhouse? And why does everyone know who he is, but not anything else?

The Founding of the Brethren

By LadySerin

202 0 0 479

A selection of short (and tall) tales around the founding of The Brethren of the Coast, from various perspectives.

Tell That Devil

By amelianite

13 0 0 353

Welcome to the Boiling Isles, where it is always raining nightmares down upon those with wild magic. Meet Callista Roseberg. She is a girl with a fiery passion and a heart of gold. She was always putting others before herself has been how she got through...

Crimson Spires and Golden Threads: Dean Pirate Collection

By LanceMcKenath

2328 2 0 1894

This collection of tales are from the Dean Pirate's point of view surrounding Lance, his ship Rhovanielle, and his crew. Lance's Awakening is an overzealous annual celebration when he heals in The Trench and strengthens his tie with Dea. However this time,...

Lakeside: The Broken Pact

By Dhelian

243 0 0 10308

A few friends from Harris in the Kingdom of Sarala live as simple labourers and craftsmen. All is mundane but peaceful, until one night when they return home from the inn, they notice a group of hooded figures in dark attire looking over the body of someone....

Remnant: Twilight (Book 1)

By ReaverArklight

1239 0 0 14321

Join the Adventures of Twilight Sparkle in a gritty retelling of the much beloved childrens story and series MLP. Explore a similar story told in a way more befitting of adult audience. Explore new Locations, learn new stories, witness new characters and events....

Legend of the Lost Prince

By Tawariel

260 0 0 1645

Vithong dies, leaving the kingdom in the hands of his only son, Valaran. When Valaran starts to act strange, Grace thinks he's cursed. No one believes her, for all the magic was supposedly gone. Why would someone want to curse Amon its new king? Grace holds...

Necromancer VI

By annyborg

975 0 0 35616

We finally has an extended period of time to investigate things, and first we needed to figure out what was going on in Wyn's home village, White Valley. So Kári and I decided to return to Summer Hill to check things out. But why would I imagine it would...

Flower story

By X27

390 0 0 648

A rose wakes one day with the hazy recollections of life as a human. With no idea who and what he is and where they are this flower must survive the dense jungles of an unfamiliar world. But whats this? Somehow he absorbed the neighboring plants? And now they're...

The Pulchran Encyclopedia

By MediaMix1

1064 0 0 1012

Learn everything there is about the Realm of Pulchra! From the beautiful ecumenopolis world of Terra, to the gloomy depths of Primordia itself. This includes - but isn't limited to - all sorts of different weapons, many types of armor (or armored units), and...

Archive (First book)

By owlseyes

144 0 0 83

The singularity had a sense of humor, it probably learned that from us but it was still weird seeing the AI that built the Hermes dyson swarm crack jokes with anyone that wanted to speak to it. then _ brought up the war and it put a hand on his shoulder "Whatever...

Adventures of Standos & Zaf: The Beginning

By TheScholar

1039 0 0 0

Follow the bumbling adventures of our duo as they across the portals from world to world. You will laugh, cry and even shake your in disbelief. But in the end you’ll fall in love with our intrepid explorers. Welcome to the Universe of Shattered Infinity

Rise of an Empire

By elfindel69

8548 0 0 9489

In 2011 AD a group of Ossars gathered in a huge capital ship is cruising of the Earth. This group has a mission, forge a new empire on a galaxy-scale. Will they succeed ?

Earth's Records

By KotaJadeLotus

135 0 0 119

This is a collection of manuscripts from the Sol System, specifically the main habitable planet "Earth".


By jrcsalter

1185 0 0 1904

Plymouth, 1938 Luke, Sarah and Atharron find a body in the woods, attacked by a vampire. But evidence points to something else, something different, something more evolved than a standard vampire. And more dangerous.

Ruler of The North - Book One: Empire Of Ice

By Little Flower Productions

1596 0 0 3096

Emperor Lermesian has ruled Vulsria with an iron fist for many years, facing trials and overcoming seemingly impossible odds, leading his country to historical strength. Until he married Imare, Lermesian was sanguine that there was nothing that could unnerve...

Aeterna, a History

By Orensu

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individual stories about the Aeterna world

Flash Fiction

By The Moro

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Practice Flash Fiction based on Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal. None of these are terrible, but they are me learning a craft :3.

The Runaway's Hope

By WriterGreg

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Vola ran away from a life of slavery only to be entrapped by far more terrible master. Hope for a better life quickly faded to a tiny spark. Sometimes a spark is enough.

The Ravanger's War

By JuicyJ

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The World of Jardorim is filled with hundreds of stories but the story of the Ravanger is one for the ages. A bandit kills a famous hero of Caliworth and now must evade the forces of King Aethelwulf before they capture him and end the life of the Ravanger.

The Tale of Melestrua's Mystara

By Melestrua

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Mystara - a world of adventure with a range of diverse countries, originally published by TSR for the boxed (BECMI) set D&D range. Melestrua's Mystara - a mega-campaign set in Mystara, run by Melestrua, with multiple campaign threads intertwining. This is...

Reboot: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Hope

By CRauscher

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Oscar Ridell is a hero to most towns he visits as he travels west, paying for room and board by restoring equipment fried by the Pulse. Few guess he's part of a national recovery effort; fewer still that their hero is a reformed alcoholic, haunted by the voices...

Q-System Discovery - Book 1 of the System Emergence Series

By majormer

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Clover is trying to fake it until she makes it in the tech industry. As an intern to a sub-contractor to various major tech companies, she joins a team focused on the use of quantum computer development. Being asked to summarize the results of the most recent...

Sprigan Tales: Sindra Vellum

By Shadowrodney

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Follow the tale of Sindra Vellum, inspired by Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and various other elements to create a brand new story centered around wealth, power and the struggle of morality(?)

Gene Born: Awakening

By Lilly Griffin

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They never said life was fair, and they proved that statement was true over and over again. They lied to us. They changed us. They hurt us. They controlled us. The government used us to improve the human genome through gene modification. Earth was dying, and...

Corrigenda Chronicles: HOPE

By SiobhantheWriter

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Struggling with identity and newly discovered magical abilities, Eldrick, a young foundling apprentice druid ventures into the outside world of Corrigenda. Travelling from his mountain home to the druid conclave. He must be there by midsummer and time is...

The Streets of Cheese

By MichelleWriteMeow

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The Streets of Cheese is the story of two mice, Mousecarpone and Whiskers, growing up in a city controlled by aristocratic rats: the Aristorattus. Ratopian guards at every corner, curfews at night, poison-tipped weapons: everything leads to an illegal dice...

Ruinous Secrets

By Adrell

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​A coming-of-age thriller about a lonely girl protecting a family secret that could get her killed. Fourteen-year-old Sydney Blaze does everything to satisfy her parents, even attend the prestigious Razor Stone Academy for villains. Her endless training prepared...

Come Rain or Shine, I'll write

By tecachan

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or Alessa's Adventurous Letters --- Alessa likes to write letters to her friends, and some other acquaintances. She writes about a lot of things, small things, big adventures, near death experiences, annoying people... Well, a lot goes on in her life.

Human Myth: Vol 6

By arlj11

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John has started helping Papi's flock and is preparing to leave whether he has Papi with him or not. He also has a promise he made a long time ago catch up to him.

Castaway Island

By BendikStang

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A group of kids drifts across the open sea to a beautiful uncharted island. They begin to build, explore, and uncover the mysteries of the island while pirates are threatening their paradise. Earthlock Tales: Castaway Isle is about friendship and making the...


By Rumina

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What is loneliness? Is it the feeling of being alone

Story Outline

By Nyxa

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The intent for this manuscript is to summarize all the major story beats that fulfill the main story. From this, perhaps additional side stories can be included for side quests.

Almost Super

By JayFoxx

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Almost Super is the story of Allison Connor Jackson, an unpopular and non powered girl, as she ventures into the world of supers, to solve the mystery of who killed Apotheosis, the worlds greatest superhero.

Amazons at Troy

By gfishbone

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As the Trojans bury their Prince Hector and Achilles mourns his Patroclus, a tragically misthrown javelin brings Queen Penthesileia and her crew of Amazon warriors to the besieged city of Ilion and into the next stage of the Trojan War. This long-erased...

The Last Light

By VeyTakon

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“So what did you do with the bone dragon?” Cali was on the edge of her seat, literally. The question confounded Professor Smith for a moment, giving Cali a chance to continue. “You’ve never told me how you saved Jorinn and escaped the dragon. You didn’t use…...


By ThatArtsyUnicorn

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4-year-old Ryder has never really been afraid of things. But that shouldn't be a problem, right? Ryder and his family find out all too soon how wrong they were when the leaders of their small village declare Ryder a "Fearless", A great societal danger, and...

Mending and Havoc

By Soulwing

2138 20 3 27221

[center]"Who could have guessed that finding a cure for cancer would lead to THIS!?"[br] - Bianca Peritl -[/center][br] [justify]4987 - The war between Nemthi and Scorzosa was raging as usual. Both parties were equally matched giving no quarters to the other....

Prison Eart

By alaskankare

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What does one do with a criminal that is unable to control their deepest darkest thoughts, and causes harm to everything around them? What does one do when they do not believe in extinguishing life but you want to protect the life around you? You isolate...

Seven Minutes to Impact

By David_W_Henley

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A routine mapping mission on a little known planetoid. Pirates, Space Battles, and Mayhem Just what you'd expect...

The 8th Pier

By BumbleBee1225

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The tales of A brooding cowboy , a wild pirate and a gentle farmhand as they travel to the elusive 8th pier in search of freedom from the crimson rule

Flash Fiction of Pastoria

By loremother

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In February of 2021, Morrigan Robbins took on the Flash Fiction February challenge with The Storytelling Collective. This is the collection of those stories. Visit Morrigan's Website: Find out more about The Storytelling Collective...

Firing Solutions

By JohnCarol

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What could go wrong if you turned off the targeting computer? A marine and his friends onboard the starship the Ruslier are bored and one drunken night decide to try firing the main cannon of the ship. One thing led to another and now they're the most wanted...

Saint Maiden's Day on Aprica Nova

By Esspii

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In the Imperia Triplica, nonhumans know the only way to survive is to make the humans comfortable. They wear their sealskins—the tech that makes them appear human—and they keep their heads down. And they never, ever breathe any utterance of the deadly and...

The Three Dragons

By AysonOhbata

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The Gods found out that one of the Sister of Yorthd, Fate has been killed by someone or something. The Guardian tasks his followers to find out who did this and why.

Rebellion of the Exile: Ferrata

By Esspii

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In the Imperia Triplica, nonhumans know the only way to survive is to make the humans comfortable. They wear their sealskins—the tech that makes them appear human—and they keep their heads down. And they never, ever breathe any utterance of the deadly and...

Curse of the Ancestor

By NathaliaBooks1993

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A new school year begins and after the test from the Headmaster of the Red Tempest Academy is it also open for humans. Only the only downside for that is the childeren who are coming are the childeren from vampire hunters. Leo is a senior this year and is...

Seek and ye shall find

By KajetanWrites

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This is a story of Seekers of the Congregation for Seeking Divine Artefacts throughout the 20th century as they race with their enemies in a hunt for the Genitals of Uranus, the original source of magic.

Demons Drink Coffee - v0.9

By Shikya

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-More complete than v1.0, but less well-written (in my opinion)- Attend the Academy they said. Become a warlock they said. Summoning demons seems all well and good until everything goes sideways...

The Scrolls of Rathias

By PanthersEye

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These are the collected stories of Rathias

Tales of the Nine

By essentiallyawerebear

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These tales are considered myths by most, and while there is likely more to the stories, these oral traditions were finally recorded on parchment in there present form which can be found in any temple in the Pentaverate.